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Monday, August 20, 2012

Do YOU know how to craft?

Before I start, I said a while ago I would do a blog post that is a recipe, right now I am trying to think  of one, hopefully it will be up one of the days of this week..
 Eva said we need to do some more fun stuff on this blog! So tomorrow we will have a guest.....
( hehehehe) But today I have a question for you, do you know how to do a craft? It could be sculpting, sewing, gluing, Etc.  I think everyone knows how to do a craft, they just need to try.
I think I am good at SOME crafts BUT one craft that I can't do ( I don't want to try) is drawing, I'm fine at painting but drawing I just don't like. ( I mean I don't like drawing people) ( except for stick people!)  I know I could be  good at drawing if I really TRIED. Esther had a hidden craft talent, and it is drawing, she is so amazing at drawing people, animals, food, cupcakes,. Here is a photo of a cupcake she drew.
                                  please click on the photo to see it up close, also I colored it in.
                                 Esther is good at drawing by looking at something, in this photo, she looked at a 
                              cupcake cartoon thingy.
                                 Esther's foot is getting better, now she can go on walks! Eva is now starting to eat  her normal kibble. Now I have to go find a recipe, ice cream? I don't know.
                                                  Thinking, Abby .k.


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