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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Something, And more guests!

Wuff Wuff its me Eva! At first today I was going to let Gloria Winters do the post, so I phoned her, and she went to her laptop and started bloging. And I went  back to being cute. But somethng
 was not right about that, this is MY blog, and I have to keep it going. SO I went to Gloria, and told her that I need to do the post. SO here I am.
The family is going to Disney Land in October, and I can't come. BUT one of Abby's toys made me a Barbie robot, that I will controll, and stuff like that! Photo time! THeese photos aren't realy good BECUASE I HATE the flash, and I do not think its worth it, my eyes hurt after Abby uses the flash, SO no flashes on this post.

                                             WHat is that!?

                                              THis is what I do all day!
                                                 Well, I have to go bark at some cats!
                                                      Licks And Wags, Eva


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