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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Before our guest starts, here are some photos that Abby took of me:

                                            You can't really see the frog, but if you click on it, it should look bigger.
                                                                 now for our guest. ~ Eva

              My name is CleoPatra, I an a HUGE fan of Eva, and getting to meet eva was also every specail.
             You must know that I am not the " CLEOPATRA* that was in your history books, I am a lost child of her, and I am not in your history books because I got lost in time. And I keep getting lost in time! I have lived in the yeat 3012, you aren't missing anything. I have lived in the very old days ( I wish our food had stayed intresting, now everyone likes eating something called * Ham burger* I don't see any ham in any burger) And whats up with * Hot dogs*? You aren't eating a dog ,and this food is not " hot: it is warn.
 Now for my profile :       
 Gender : Girl
 Name : CleoPatra
Age : 18
City : Canada LPS city
school : I don't go to school, I bet I know more about Canada then you!
Best firend : Alice Buttercup
Band That I am In : None
Sport that I am In :  Speed mermaid swimming
favorite movie : Tangled
One thing about me :  ( I can bring stuff from other times into this time, sadly it will only work for toyworld )
Here are some photos of me :

                                   I also have an accent, Maybe it's from being all around the toy world?
                                   I  hoped you enjoy this post, have a wonderful day!
                                      ~ CleoPatra


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