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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Alice Buttercup

Before our guest starts, here are some photos that Abby took,

                                               If you click on the photo, and look closly, you can see one of my eyes!

                                              A craft Abby did, its Minnie Mouse, ( well kina)

Licks and Wags, Eva.

                                 My name is Alice Buttercup, but you can call me Buttercup,
                               I like planting flowers, and looking at sunsets. I LOVE bird watching
                               and my favorite thing to do is watch grass grow!
                                  UM NO, thats just my secret cover, I'm really an agent for the * Ex-Di*
                                   Most of the time, I am practicing shooting, flips, and stuff like that.
                             ( I also do my training with the super heroes, not trying to brag)
                              Now for the questions :

Gender : Girl

Name : Alice J Buttercup

Age : 18

City : Canada LPS city

school : Spy school. ( I can't say the name for secret resons) sorry.

Best firend : CleoPatra

Band That I am In : None

Sport that I am In :  I am not really in a sport, I'm busy being an agent. ( but I do ballet as part as my covor)

favorite movie :  How To Train Your Dragon.

One thing about me :   I was the stunt girl for Astrid in How To Drain Your Dragon  ( the toy world version)  Also I am a stunt girl, I do all the tricks in most toy movies . Here are some photos of what I REALY look like!\
                                                            Jumping out of a window.
                                                               Standing on a door.
                                          Turning off a pine cone bomb.
                                                                                                                                      me doing a flip.
                                                      * Note from Abby* * This was taken on a wall, not on the ground, so it                                                                                                        it.  was harder to get the effect*
                                                                               I have to go back to work, 
                                                                                It was nice blogging!~ Alice J                                     


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