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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Did My Nails ( again)

Before I start, I want to say something, I first time I did my nails this year was in February, then I did them in
May, then in July. And then now. So I do my nails almost every two or three months!
Here are links to the other posts about my nails:
sorry, I did not do a post about February.
Also I am warning you, the photo of my thumb is a little blurry, but it took a LOT of time, and I was getting tired of it.
I used a dark green, then I put a glitter nail polish on to that.

                                              Here is the blurry one, sorry.

                                           Eva about to bark......
                                           Eva barking....
Eva After barking....

Also, it has been a year for me that I have been blog posting,
This year I have really done a LOT, but in 2011 it was not as much.
 ( Eva is letting me do what I am about to tell you)
 SOOO, I am going to film mysefl making a cake, and then decoreating it, so then it looks like the blog logo.
( And maybe in the toy world they will have a party)
 I just need time, ( like tonight I could make this cake if I have enough time on my camera)
I also want to thank YOU for reading my blog, it means a LOT to me.
( Yeah I'm talking to YOU) 
BLa bla bla bla
Abby .k. 


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