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Friday, August 24, 2012

A video, a solo and the End.

CleoPatra was in a interview yesterday! Here is the video :
Also, in musical, when it's almost the show, we sing songs in the church, ( song from the musical, also I do not go to the church that we are going to sing at)   This Sunday, we are singing a song that  my friend and I have solos in, BUT she can't make it, so I GET THE WHOLE SOLO! It's about four lines ( not words, )
This is what I'll be singing : Gum chewing's fine when its once in a while, it stops you from smoking and brightens your smile, but its repulsive revolting and wrong, every one sings, then back to me , just the way a cow does.: You might not get the song, thats why you should get tickets and see the show !
Also, we have grapes! They are small, but they are grapes!
Here are the photos of the day :
                                           Sorry its blurry, I'm blaming the camera!
                                                CleoPatra dyed her hair gold!

                                                  CleoPatra with her best friend Alice J ButterCup!
                                                             Does this KINDA look like the blog logo?
                                                             Maybe just a little? You're not buying it. The cupcake was a fail.
                                     Well, this is the end of the week for me! Eva and I do not do blog pots and Saturday or Sunday, its our day off.  I hoped you enjoyed this fun (NOT) week!
                                                                  See Eva or me on Monday!
                                                                      ( I might ask for them to film my solo just for you, maybe.......)
Abby .k


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