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Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Sneaky Trick

I think Halloween is boring, candy doesn't even taste good! They should give out meat, and bacon! Now THAT would be something! I made a deal with Abby, and now she can't have candy for TWO WHOLE YEARS!

 Why, must I be such a bad dog, ? I'm not the bad one, Abby is! She's the one who's going to take over the world, not I. Well, because she can't eat candy, I  won't have to dress up this year. I HATE it when she puts clothes on me. I have fur, isn't that enough? But something in this deal is sneaky. Because, she can't really take over the world. Why? Because you need pixie dust to take over the world. But I didn't tell her that part. I don't even know how she will find pixie dust. Unless she's a fairy, Which I doubt
. So, instead of giving her the " Treat" for Halloween, I gave her the " Trick". But she payed back. By cutting some of my hair, by my ear!  I see a black cat, I must bark at it.
Licks and Wags, Eva


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