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Monday, October 7, 2013

Quiz Meet on the weekend

I am in this thing called Bible quizzing. You have to memorize a lot of verses and remember them for the rest of the year. I won't go into much explaining it, you will just have to ask! But on Saturday was the first quiz meet. Quiz meets are when people all across your province come and quiz. It was OK, because Ialso  have gymnastics on Saturdays, I was able to goto both because the quiz meet was local..
 On Sunday I just was lazy all day, and read " And then there were None" by Agatha Christie. I really recommend this book, and it is very interesting. I couldn't stop reading it! This is a murder mystery, but it really isn't that gory or anything like that.  Yhe people in the story all go so a little crazy, so don't read this book when you have all the lights off and alone. (  I did, and in one part of the book I had to get up and turn all the nearest lights on, and I looked behind me for a moment..) In this book the person who was the murderer is very hard to guess. I love the ending, everyone dies, even the murderer. But if you can't stand books that have a murder in every chapter then I don't recommend this. ( Yes, in almost every chapter of the book someone dies!)
 Esther also has started a Bible group so on Sunday night I went to that. ( Thankfully I had finished the book before I went) ~ Abby ca.K.e


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