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Monday, September 2, 2013

It's been a LOOONG time, and I'm back.

I know it has been the longest time. No blog posts all summer? What's up with that? Well, I was very busy, and I wanted a " vacation" from blogging and really enjoyed my summer. No, I don't hate blogging, I just wanted a break. But I did miss you. SO much. I missed blogging almost every day. There was always an emptiness inside of me. That must have been my consequence for not blogging all summer! * Wink Wink,* (JOKE!) I am back now. For the school year! YAY! I have no idea WHY Eva didn't do any posts, all I saw her do was sleep! I guess she needed to catch up on sleep! I will try to slowly get back into blogging. ~Abby ca.K.e
Oh, by the way I got braces.


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