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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Try Something New A Day, Ube Mochi

I've lost count of which episode this is. When my mom and I went to our local Asian ethnic food store, ( to get noodles and some other ethnic stuff) I saw Ube Mochi. There are different types of this snack, like sesame seed, green tea, etc. But the store we went to only had two flavors, sesame seed and Ube mochi.
I have had mochi before. At a frozen yogurt place I had tried a toppings called" mini mochi pieces." I LOVED that, so I thought the real version might taste as good!
                                             This is what the box looked like. And you get six big pieces of mochi.
They are soft, and covered with flour for them not to stick to the wapper. They are squishie and
fit in the palm of my hand. There  is a filling, but it doesn't look like the front of the box, the filling is much smaller. After eating one, I was satisfied and didn't have that need for more.
The texture was soft, much softer than a gummy. But the taste, I have no idea WHAT I was tasting. But I loved it!!  Mom also liked it, but my dad couldn't get over the texture. The taste wasn't too sweet, it was a soft taste. I really recommend mochi, if you have a local ethnic food store try to look for this! ~ Abby ca.K.e
P.S., I found another blog who did a review on the same type of mochi.. This person describes the taste, so I really recommend checking it out so you know what type of taste I was tasting!


Anonymous Cheryl said...

What? No posts about the big family reunion and the chair?!

September 6, 2013 at 3:06 PM  

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