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Monday, September 16, 2013

Camp and Boat Party On the weekend!

On the weekend, My friend's family and I went to their church's camp retreat. This retreat they do almost every year, at the same camp and I had a wonderful time! On the way to the camp, we took lots of pictures.
 When we both saw each other we realized we booth had put our hair in braids! We also had wanted to be matching ( Like we both wear blue shirts, both wear shorts, etc)
And the matching thing turned out perfectly!
                                                 Her brother and I got a little cray cray...
                                               The lovely view!
                                              We did many things, like swimming and running around, BUT on Saturday we got to do Archery! I haven't done archery in a couple of years, but with some help I got better and got two bull's eyes!
   Clearly, I'm not saying I'm the best. One of my friends just made my jaw drop of how amazing he was at archery. He is like Legolas in my opinion!! In the same day in the evening we went fishing on the dock! The air was a little breezy and the sun was slowly setting and it was perfect!

                                                 My friend and I had almost matching sweaters!!!
                                               It was a lovely time and the weather was perfect, and my friend's family is always a pleasure to be with.~ Abby ca.K.e


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