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Monday, September 24, 2012

Beach party on the weekend!

We didn't really party on the weekend, but our family went to the beach. Don't worry no one went swimming, the water felt like ice! This year we didn't get the season Fall, we're just going to get winter.
Hehehehe.  We went in the evening ( on Sunday) ( to the beach) and we didn't have to pay today, and there was NO ONE on the beach! Mom brought a kite along, for me, so we went straight to the beach. And I started to fly the kite. After a while I gave the kite to mom, for her to do it. Why? because I saw a mini Island
(sand bar) and I waded into the water, to draw hearts and stuff in the sand on it. Then I got Esther and mom to wade to it to. And  then I brought the kite to the island.
 After a while of us switching the kite, mom started to head
back to our fire pit, that was on the other side of the beach. Esther was doing I don't know what, and I wanted to reel in the kite. I started to reel it in, I asked for help, but no one could hear me ( that's fine, because if they had heard me, then I wouldn't have this story)

Then the wind picked up really hard, and the handle of the kite blew out of my hands. The handle started to skim across the water. I was NOT going to let the kite just fly by. SO I ran into the water, and I started to catch up with the kite ( did I tell you the water was freezing and it wasen't deep enough to swim in?). I jumped to try to catch it, but I missed. So I kept on running, I tried again. I caught the kite! I was wearing jeans, and they got all wet, with ice cold water. We went to our fire pit, I started to warm up, and I told dad the story. PHOTO TIME!
                                             A photo from our museum
                                          I can't stop looking at this!
                                                     FAIL! ( click on the photo, please see it up close!)
                                             For Esther's job he had to dress up as a mouse!

                                  Me kiting
                                                                there's the kite
                                                             I did this heart with my finger
                                                     FAIL HEART!
                                                 All of the fail hearts I did with my toe
                                                   FAIL HEART AGAIN!
                                                      This is suppper
                                                     I tried to take a photo of myself
                                                Eva came!

                                                 Someone forgot the plates, so we used these
                                                   This is going to be in the next episode of Try something new a day!
                                                      I took photos of the sun setting

                                                  I think this one  is the best.

                                               See? NO ONE  was on the beach!
                                                 IT says " Jesus Heart U", I made a bigger one,
but it was to big to take a photo of.
                                                    Me trying to take a photo of myself
                                               Me trying to take a photo of myself AGAIN!
                                                 Can you see the moon?
                                                 Esther took this one.
                                               She also took this one, OF ME AND EVA!
                                        Abby .k.


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