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Saturday, September 29, 2012

12 more days= Disneyland! Quiz time!

First, here is the photo of the dead mouse. Don't worry, there is no blood or a mouse body part all weird.
This isn't as bad as getting a cut.
                                                 Don't worry he/she is dead.
                                            Dad took the mouse off the trap for me to take a photo
                                              like this one. ( he wore gloves)
                                            Sorry if you love mice, but they eat our food, and make me
                                                get no sleep. No sleep= No blog posts.
                                                     ( so its good the mouse is dead)
                                                             Now for a quiz! Which  Littlest Pet Shop or Playmobil are you  most like?  There would have been more pets and playmobill to choose from, but I needed toys that would wake up early.        Lets start! 
                             1. Its your birthday and you get to choose what type of cake you want, you  choose -
                                    A. Healthy vegan cake. With homemade healthy frosting.
                                    B. Chocolate!
                                    C. Anything blue.
                                    D.   Sand cake, made out of real sand from the beach.
                                    E. Strawberry.
                                 ( you choose either A,B,C,D or E) ( and keep track of what you choose for the end)
                                2.  There is a party going on, and you have  to choose a fancy  outfit, you choose-
                                      A. Old top hat, with a tux.
                                      B.  If girl, a sparkly dress.If boy, a sparkly tux=
                                      C.  A blue ball gown dress.
                                      D.    an old  Egypt outfit.
                                      E. Pink is perfect.
                                       3.   If you could teach ANYTHING, what would it be?
                                      A.  I would teach school's about healthy eating.
                                      B. How to be a cowgirl/cowboy.
                                      C.   Ballet
                                      D. how we don't need tecnology to survive
                                      E. how to do a makeover  yourself.
                                      4.  You can choose what theme a party is going to be, you choose-
                                      A. Football!
                                      B.  Western
                                      C.  Mermaid, but with no sharks.
                                      D. Egypt secret spy.
                                      E. Desserts.
                                      Now find the photo that says " Mostly * Insert which letter you choose the most*
                                Mostly A's? You're a LOT like Justion PawPaw!
                                              Mostly B's? You would be a pawesome friend to
                                            Joshua or Snakey $.
                                                Mostly C's? You're a Hippy! ( Hippy is this hippos name)
                                             Mostly D's? You're either Alice or CleoPatra!
Mostly E's? You're Gloria's best friend! ( well not realy, her best friend is Pearl)
I hoped you enjoyed the quiz!
Abby ca.K.e


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