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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Boring Barbie Makover

Wuff Wuff  Its me Eva!! Sorry I kinda left blogging for a while. But some of the Playmobil and Littlest Pet Shop people, made a robot, and I had to give it a makeover. I used the cute force to make Abby sew up some clothing for this robot. But this old Barbie had wacky hair, she looked like a stylish mad scientist!
But before I show you the before and after,  I found some old photos from the blog, take a look at me when I was younger!
                                                   When I was in school..
                                                      Ahh, the memories of getting WAY to much treats....
                                                     I remember, when I stepped into this bucket, and got a treat........
                                                     I remember this! I did a post saying to brush your teeth!
                                                    My mom's Aunt's dog named Lela.
                                               This is also my mom's Aunts dog, named Annie!
                                                That dog was spoiled! She had so many toys!
When I learned how to read.
Now for the Before and After!
Before, sorry it was blurry, it is hard to take a photo with a paw!
 See? Her hair is crazy, but she is wearing the outfit that Abby made. WITHOUT any patterns!
                                                               After, I licked her hair, so it's not smooth!

 That's all there is! I'm beary sorry this was boring,
 Licks and Wags; Eva


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