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Friday, September 28, 2012

14 More Days = Disneyland,Eva's paw stuck in trap

The Countdown begins today, 14 more days until we leave for Disneyland!!! Now remember, we  NEVER EVER could have  gone to Disneyland, it secretly has been a dream of mine, and now that dream is coming true.. BUT ONLY because of our grandparents, ( Mom's side of the family, on our dad's side we only have grandma left). Our Grandparents have been the best grandma and grandpa in theWORLD !
Our Grandma taught us how to paint, draw, sew, how to have    more fun! And Grandpa taught us how to plant a garden and take care of it, go on nature walks and NEVER be bored because he is there, how to go into a small red wagon, and have so much fun, and more. They have been such pawsome grandparents.

 Eva also LOVES them, when they come to our house, Eva LOVES grandma's voice, and she knows she gets a scratch behind the ear with grandpa ! (that's a good thing). Also I know that my grandparents are WAY MORE fun then Disneyland!! I can't wait to spend more time with them!
Remember when I went on a trip earlier this year? Well we did a count down, where three people, dogs or toys, did a post. Well that's what we're doing again! ( Here's the link to one of the posts  Also the day we leave for Disneyland, we have to wake-up at 4:00 AM!!! Or earlier because we have to be at the airpost at 5:00AM!!!
                                                       Abby .k- OH WAIT! I forgot to do the last name thingy ! ~
                                                      Abby ca.K.e
 Wuff Wuff, I have a sad story. I got my paw stuck in a mouse trap! Not the traps that snap on you, the sticky traps    that when you step on them, you're stuck. So yesterday I was walking in the kitchen and I stepped on something, the trap. I was walking out of the kitchen when, the trap flipped so then the sticky part was stuck to the floor and my paw!  Janice came down, and she tried   to get the trap off of the floor.
 Abby came down and helped me because I had to balance my paws. Then something bad happened, Janice suddenly poured Olive Oil on the paw that was stuck in the trap!! Then she started to rip my paw off of the trap. She got it off. Then Abby came and started to wash that paw! Then she dried it, and then   she   cut some of the hair from my paw! So I licked it. Here are some photos Abby took.

                                               Me licking my paw.
                                             Click on the photo to see it up close! The paw that got stuck in the trap was the one that has the red circle on it.
Licks and Wags - Eva


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