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Friday, March 23, 2012


On the trip I will need  snack to eat SO we are buying gum today! The only problem is I need to find a gum that does not have ASPARTAME. I don't know a lot about it but Esther and mom say its bad for you, but they said  its OKAY if we find a gum with it in it becuase we don't swallow gum. Still I will try to find ASPARTAME free gum.
see ya tomorrow! ~ Abby .k.
Please don't look at me! I'm not groomed!
Oh well I still look cute but not adorable. I got groomed today it hurt so much. And Abby just watched me and did not do any thing to help me get away from mommy!Yesterday I had my singing lessons I'm so good at singing. BYE FOR NOW MWAHAHAHA Eva oxoxo
Guess who this is, I am fabulous  and famous I have pink and cream hair I am a bird.
IT'S ME GLORIA WINTERS!And I can't wait for the trip the only problem is that I have to pack ALL of my makeup.
I better show you my profile picture so you know its me the famous Gloria Winters
Now if you aren't a toy you might not know who I am, So I will tell you who I am and what I do.
I became famous when I was a extra in the movie " RED HOOD CAKE" filmed by Abby .k.
They liked my acting skills so then Abby .k. worked on my voice a little bit. After that I was the star
in the movie " HOLD ON TO HOPE" filmed by Justin PAW PAW
When the movie came out, People LOVED my voice and then the life began. Now then ANY toy sees me they scream and ask me if they could take a picture with me :) I just went to the store to buy my favorite lipstick brands for the trip and luckly I had my Iphone with me so I filmed some of it. I hope you enjoy!
xox Gloria <3 ( thats a heart in text)


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