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Thursday, March 22, 2012


I will be going on a trip on March 28th until Aprill 1st!!!!!
My family ( exept Eva ) will be going to see our Grandma,Grandpa and my cousins.
So every single day till March 28 I will do a blog post ( usually about the trip) today I will have two posts in one.
We went to a science fair and our project was~ CAN YUMMY COOKIES BE HEALTHY?~
and some of you tried the cookies remember? I don't REALLY want to talk about what thescience fair
project is about so mayby Esther will do a big BORING post about it. At the end of the science fair the judge gave us 48/50!! and mom thought we would get less like 20/50 or 5/50. Well enough about school.
Abby .k.

My eyes look so weird :/
Well you want cute! I won't give you cute! I'll give you ADORABLE. Oh yah beat that cat on the street!
sadly I can't go on the trip, but I get to go to this house with CATS and guinea peg TV! hehehe
I know Abby will miss me. Also there is no snow! I am so happy Esther ,Janice and Abby have been taking me to parks! Esther ( mom) got some more dog food yesterdy, it was as tall as Abby! ( well almost)
I have to go bark at the cat
licks and wags EVA THE ADORABLE DOG xoxox

Enough about real people and thank you Eva for letting me do this can you guess who it is? its
JUSTIN PAW PAW! you know me I'm from Justin's cooking show.

all of the littlest pet shops in playmobil world ( exept for the walkables) get to go on the trip to! so here is my packing list AND a  top hat that joshua made for me

See ya later! ( tomorrow you get gloria) JP


Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAY a post every day :)
Eva can I do the last day?

March 22, 2012 at 1:21 PM  

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