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Saturday, March 24, 2012


Today I got some gum the flavor was " GREEN APPLE AND PINEAPPLE". It's for the trip but me and Esther tried some and it was so yummy!
Last night it rained! In the night I woke up at 4:14 because of the rain and today it was VERY VERY cold. Dad said " It's good for the farmers" so at least the rain did something good.
Well I'm going to do finish a craft. Bye! Abby .k. xox

Saturday, a day that everyone sleeps in exept me and Abby. Abby comes to my kennel and lets me out, takes me down stairs, feeds me,  calls me cute and goes back up.  It was raining all night so I hope a cat got wet HEHEHEHE. I am going back to bed.
licks and wags EVA xox

Today Eva let ME do the littlest pet shop post so thank you Eva. I have a video of what I look like here it is.

My name is Victoria  .S. I am Joshua's little sister I am a snake ( the cutest one you have ever seen but I will never be as cute as EVA)
Joshua takes good care of me and makes sure I eat healthy and get fresh air every day.
Now in the video I was packing for the trip and Joshua and me are having a contest of who can pack the least. I think it's gonna be a tie. Also in the video you saw "The Ex-DI" stamp. The series are kinda like the FPI but playmobil. What the Ex-DI team do is to make sure our world is safe. ( filmed by Abby .k.)
I am also kinda famous because of Joshua, What he did was ask me to sing in front of  playmobil city.
Everyone liked my voice but the problem is my voice does not have a western accent.
See you all later! Victoria .$.


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