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Monday, March 26, 2012


I am going to start packing today! I JUST CAN"T WAIT AHHH! Yesterday I had a friend over I can't say her name but I can say her lps name: Pearl. We had a pawesome time and talked sooo long. I am making more crafts like a book for my playmobil and stuff like that. I don't know what to say again! We our bringing Sushi on the trip.  BYE! Abby .k.
OH WAIT ONE MORE THING! Me and Pearl had a fashion show! so here is the video I hope you like it!
Tomorrow night I will be going to the house that I will be staying at when everyone goes on the trip. I will REALLY miss my mom and my family so much. I hope you are brushing your teeth! when I m at the house I will not be abble to blog becuase I will be busy watching TV. See ya tomorrow!
EVA xox

My name is Joshua I am Victoria's older brother and justins best friend.
After the video I had to take out my video that I wanted to bring so Victoria beat me! She packed less stuff and she's a girl. Well I can't wait for the trip it will be so fun. We will only be gone for 3 days so don't worry I will be back to blog more about littlest pet shop.
I like to play in the sand and I LOVE to wach " THE EX-DI" . I really like it because I got to be in one of the episodes! The episode I got to be in was called " KEEP TIME". I love my sister so much and I try to take good care of her. You might ask" where are your mom and dad? They are in heaven. I CAN"T WIAT FOR THE TRIP AHHHHHH!!!! I'm going to go jump on the walls.
BYE! Joshua .$.


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