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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Today me and mommy went to the Zoo!!!! and the lions were awake and moving!!!! and the male lion looked at me! The cool thing we got to see was the male lion was scratching the bars to get into the inside part of the cade. The female lion was pasing and was trying to stop the male lion. Then the lions saw DONKEYS!!!! the donkeys were lead by one of the zoo volunteers  back to their barn ) The lions went CRAZY!!!!
 The Red Pandas were TOO cute. They were playing follow the leader and it was sooo adorable!! Then when we went into the tropical house all the red pandas were eating! I liked it because they all were sharing the food and they all ate  daintily. My mom loved the red pandas because of the rich fur colour.
 One more thing- SKYPE is working!!!! ( yay)
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