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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Eva went to the Vet Yesterday!!!

Yesterday, Eva went to the Vet! Don't worry, she wasn't sick, she went for her yearly check-up and shots. I didn't go, because I had something else, but Esther took Eva. The Vet said she was surprised of how good we've kept up with taking care of Eva, we just need to do a better job on brushing her teeth. But something else happened Yesterday with Eva, we found a tick. ( A tick is a type of bug, that I call devils because I hate them) ticks burrow themselves into the skin, and suck blood. Only the tiny BLACK ticks can carry a disease that can be passed onto the human or animal. ( But mostly people and dogs get the big brown ticks that aren't too deadly) ( Yes, I'm TRYING to make you scared of ticks!) We couldn't find another tick, and we don't know how Eva got one. Maybe at the Vet? SO, because Eva is going camping with us, we had to give her a short hair cut, BUT Esther was going to be out that evening. She made a big whining fuss of how she's to busy, ( MAYBE I\m over exaggarating) so, I said I would do it. I have NO experience at all of cutting a dog's hair like a hair cut, and I didn't have time to go to the Library, and I couldn't\ find much on the web. So, Esther said I could ONLY do Eva's belly and paws, she gave me a cutting technique and, well... Erm, her paws, are... well, very short.  I won't show you her paws until Esther has finished cutting the rest of Eva's hair! ~ Abby ca.K.e * NOTE, This post was made LAST week, I didn't have time to publish it then, but Eva went to the vet LAST WEEK!!!!


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