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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Party On The Weekend!

I know I haven't been blog posting for a while, I've just been busy with finishing two of my online classes and stuff, so this week I will challenge myself, to do a  blog post everyday! ON Saturday I was at a friend's house all day, on Sunday we went to church, , then, we went to a park and had our meal on a fire!
I took some photos, but I forgot to re-charge my camera batteries so my camera was dying during it!!!
Another thing,  I accidentally put a setting on my camera to put the date on the photo, so that's why it has the date on all of them!

                                                We still have ice on the lake!!
                                             LOOK AT THAT SNOW!!
                                                I love the ice crystals!

       Dad throwing a ice piece at me, we had a little war, he never caught me, MWAHAHAHAHA!!!
                                          The water isn't as cold as it looks!
                                                     On the ice!!!
                                          Dad took a photo of me....
                                             It says " I ( Heart) U
                                             Look at the birds!!
                                           Right after I took this photo, my camera died!  ~ Abby ca.K.e


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