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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas Tree.

 NOTE*On the weekend I will try to make a " How to make slippers for your LPS". But sadly, I have not had any time yet this week.  SO you'll just have to wait for crafty Wednesday*
Our Christmas tree is VERY small. WHY? Becuase our old one took WAY too much space.
But we still love our tree. Here are some photos.
                                                 This pesky little sqirl was spying on me!

                                                            This is what our Christmas tree looks like. NOT.
                                                            Right now this is where/what the tree looks like, but mom might change the spot and add more stuff to the tree.
                                                         ( Yes this is a FAKE tree, unless you imagine with me that it smells of pine, and that it is a pine tree, then it will become real. ) 
     . Christmas is about Jesus's birthday, not about all of the presents or Fat .Old Santa. ~ Abby .k.


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