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Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend * Yawns* Winter photos.

On the weekend we didn't really do a lot, on Saturday I went to a friend's birthday party. And on Sunday, we went to church, did some baking, watched a movie. BUT on Friday some of the Littlest Pet Shops had a photo shoot. Here are the photos.
                                                ...... On their journey..
                                             A very cold journey...
                                                    On a snowy mountain.
                                             Some may fall..
                                            And others left behind....
                                               And as they are lost, Eva barkes at a C.A.T.
                                               With flash.
                                                Ariel and Taylor wish you a merry Christmas!
                                                Bibble wishes you a merry Christmas.
                                                Oscar wishes a merry Christmas.
                                           With flash

                                             Eva wishes you a merry Christmas! OH NO! My shoes are in the photo!
                                                     AHHHHH! ~ Abby .k.


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