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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cookite Monster Takes over the world...

                                                    Yesterday we made cookies. This is a secret recipe,
                                           and we can only make it at Christmas.
                                                      Looks like Eva wants some cookies.
                                                       Looks like the cookie monster wants some cookies,
                                                        she ate like half the dough.Or maybe she ate ALL the dough.
                                                     You've never seen me like this Eh? Well NEVER give me a cookie or cookie dough and you'll be safe. Just don't tell me you're making cookies.
                                              Gloria Winters might start doing LPS fashion posts, for all you fashionistas.
                                                   MAYBE.  Well, I have to go find where Janice hid all of the cookies- I mean the cookie monster is going to look for the cookie!~ The cookie monster- I mean ~ Abby .k.
OH I FORGOT! Justin did another vlog. Here it is:


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