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Friday, November 12, 2010

What I Heard Under the Table

"I gotta go to RONA and buy a hornswaggler," Steve said clearly.
Janice Laughed and laughed. I wagged my tail and jumped up
beside Steve.
"A what??!!" Janice asked, still laughing.
"HORN SWATTER" Steve said clearly.
Janice did not stop laughing. Sometimes I wonder about her.. is she a bit
odd, daft, or blonde at the roots? Have any of you ever noticed that?
Also she is the only one who NEVER feeds me table scraps.
Janice begged Steve to tell her what he was actually going to buy
at RONA.
"FURNACE FILTER," Steve said clearly.
Sometimes I hear Janice laughing about this in the middle of the night. She
thought it was very funny. Most of you won't think it is funny, except possibly
Cyclone my dog friend, or Tia Loris, Janice's sister.


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