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Monday, November 29, 2010

My Summer at CUC Part 2

Ok the second chapter of my adventures over the summer.
The way June worked went like this: from 7-9 Adult cast practiced singing. Thursdays we danced. In July and August the practices were from 6-9. About August we started doing run-throughs of the show.
The first dance practice was interesting. We had to learn a really umm, lets just say it took us half an hour to learn it. Compared to that the rest of the practice went much better. That night I started a habit that I continued the rest of the summer. I went home and went over the dance. That way I wouldn't forget it :)

Holy Socks!
In the middle of the stage there's this plug thing with screws. When I was practicing the above mentioned dance step I tore a hole in my sock. That started a summer long legacy (for me at least) It's a long standing joke that I don't have a single pair of socks that don't have a hole in them. *looks down* yep I have holes in these too! During breaks was a huge chatfest (at least for us girls. . .) I remember I was laughing at something, and my friend Adrienne told me I had a beautiful laugh. Do you know what it's like to be in a new group and someone pays you a sweet compliment? You get that warm fuzzy feeling inside. I think around that point I started to feel more comfortable with the cast. I'll never forget the day that I walked into the foyer and the whole adult cast was just sitting on the floor talking. One huge group. I'm not saying that everyone was taking part in everyone else's conversations but it was really neat to have that belonging. There were days when people did split off to talk (hey I even had my own circle) I loved that everyone knew your name. I would walk into practice and a chorus of "Hi Esther" could be heard. The camraderie was awesome.
We had our bad days but there was more laughter than anything. One of the highlights of my summer (well, next to being in the production) was Musical Camp. It was a weekend day camp. We had our first run through Saturday night. That day during breaks we played Twister. Not just any twister. There were three people playing (including myself) and Andrew was supposed to be spinning. Instead he looked at our positions and made us go into the hardest positions ever. I went down first cause I was laughing so hard. Later, when we wanted Andrew to play he said he was busy. Hmmm.
Stay tuned for the third and last installment of My Summer at CUC: SHOWEEK!
Love, Esther


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