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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What To Do Blog About?

My Lord Of The Rings cupcake idea is going great! I made some easy fondant, and I have made Gandalf's
hat and I'm trying to make his staff. I've also made some mini rocks.
" What are you being for Halloween"?
Because I'm going to my friend's AWESOME All Saints Day party,
I have to dress up either as a Saint, someone from the Bible, or an animal from the Bible.
For me this is REALY hard.
Another thing about the party, I need to make a dessert/snack! So much to choose from! That just gave me an idea.......... ( in the photo sorry for the HORRIBLE writing, I AM trying to improve)  The desserts on the spin thing are  : Pie, Rice Crispies, Cinnanon bun, cupcakes, cake, Chocolate Covered Katie recipe.
 Then I spinned it. Cake showed up! But then I wanted to make cupcakes.
So that's what I'm making!
                                                     It says cake. Sorry it's blurry!

                                             They are the happiest people on earth IN the happiest place on earth.
                                                 ~ Abby ca.K.e


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