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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Tomorrow at 5:00 AM in the morning we leave for Disneyland! I'm not finished packing yet!
Remember, you won't get a blog post for a week, so until  next Wednesday? I'm not sure, but seven days from  now.  You might be asking : Where is the boring " Try something new a day'? I didn't try any new foods this week, so you don't have to sit through that! Here  are some photos!
                                                 I tried taking a photo of Jenna in the rain, but
                                               it was so cold that she froze and I had to hold her up!
                                              A photo.......
                                               CAN I CHEW YOUR FINGER?
                                             Eva chewing my hand
                                      I'm starting something called this!
                                   But it looks like CleoPatra and Alice took over the photo shoot.
                                                 Here is Justin's cooking show episode 1!!
                                                    Abby ca.K.e ( I'm going to miss yoU!)


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