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Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Costumes!

WOW! This month is going by so fast. ( maybe thats because of Disneyland?). Halloween is coming!
Our family doesn't celebrate halloween, not becuause you get candy! So every year we Do get to dress up,
and we DO buy candy for us, but we don't hand out candy.
" Why should we hand out candy to people who dad says they don't know how to drive, when we don't get any"? ( that's why we don't hand out candy, in my opinion).
 Also on Halloween we sometimes invite a family over and do something.
But lets get to the point, I want to do a full week of blog posting, with halloween themed! ( I'm doing this because I thought it was fun and you need a treat from missing a week of blog posts).
So today I will be showing mini halloween costumes I made! If you want a tutorial on any of them, or if you have an idea, please tell me!
                                           (click on a photo to see it up close) This is a mermaid.
                                                Goggly ghost.
                                                Here's what her hat looks like.
                                            FrankenWeenie, this is based off the movie Frankenweenie ( I            haven't                                 haven't  watched  it YET)
                                                This is what he looks like without the editing.
                                                 See you tomorrow, ~ Abby ca.K.e.


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