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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

8 More Days= Disneyland! Pie Time!

I have  something shoking to tell you, you migth need to sit down for this. I don't like pie. There. I said it.
you: WHAT YOU DON"T LIKE PIE? DO YOU EAT IT?!! Me: Nope I only eat the whipped cream off
of my pie piece if ever served one. You: BUT YOU"RE NOT HUMAN IF YOU DON"T LIKE PIE!
Me:  Yes, but I'm not human. * Puts on evil smile*.  Because it's Fall, I'm doing a craft post.
A pie, that I made.

I will tell you how to make a mini pie. But beforeI start, Some people in my family couldn't guess this was a mini pie, so I"m saying this does not stand for all my crafting.

 What you will need:
 A Bottle cap.
Tin foil. ( or if you have a bottle cap that looks like a pie pan, then use that)
Playdough Or clay) Or felt, paper foam,
Paint. ( the paint colour matters on what
 type of pie you're going to make, because I'm making
 a pumpkin pie, I'm using Orange and Brown)
School glue.
Something to stir with ( like a stick or toothpick)

For icing:
School glue.
White paint.
                                                                 Step 1. Take your tin foil and put it into the bottle cap,
                                                                             it looks like this:

                                                                                 Then cut excess so  it looks like this:
                                                                            Now you have a pie tin.
                                                                Step 2. For the pie crust you can use bakeable clay playdough,                                                                   Paper or felt.  Put whatever you're using into the " pie tin"
                                                                  Make it look like a crust. like this :
                                                                    Step 3. Take a tooth pick, needle, pin or nail, and make little                                                      marks in the edge of the crust.  
                                                                  Step 4. Mix the glue and paint on a piece of paper .  For the pumpkin colour I used Orange and a tiny bit of brown.
                                                                    Step 5. Put the glue paint mix into the " Pie crust".
                                                                     * Make sure you don't get paint  on the sides of the crust*
                                                                        Step 6. Make sure you didn't full the whole pie crust, do the glue paint mix in layers. ( Like first let the bottom layer dry and add more and more untill you like it)
                                                                             And you're done!
                                                                                If you want to make  fake whipped cream  : Mix School glue with white paint, then mix a little bix of WHITE flour. Keep mixing untill you have the texture you like. Then apply to the pie.
                     With this you can make any type of pie.
                                                 ( this is chocolate pie)
                                               This is what it looked like with the fake whipped cream!
                                                      Abby  ca.K.e



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