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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

9 More days= Disneyland BREAKING NEWS!

    I can't wait until Disneyland! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA- this is breaking news, from yesterday at about 5:30 there was a fire, I don't know where but I could see the smoke, The smoke was taking up the whole sky. I thought a Villian had come. Or the world was going to end, because at first I didn't know it was a fire.
Here are some photos.

                                               CLick on photos to see them up close.

 Also if you saw the fire, you should have stayed away, because I heard that some realy  poisonous fumes went out of  the building with the fire. 

Now for some cute photos of Eva! And  you'll get to see Eva when she's wet!

                                                            A tree!
                                                    With golden leaves!
                                                   Make a wish! Oh wait, you make wishes out of stars...
                                                  Can you see the black cat?
                                                I'm wet!
                                                 OH NO! Please don't put MORE water on me!
                                                          Abby ca.Ke


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