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Monday, October 1, 2012

11 days = Disneyland: Weekend party!

This weekend we really had a party! Well our family did not start the party, our Church did.
Yesterday was our Church's annual Block Party. It's not just for the people who go to our church, its for everyone. Everyone like homeless people, people walking by, I think you get the point.  But the church wasn't just having a party, they wanted some of us to try to meet someone, remember their name and maybe show them that Christians aren't what some people think we our. Also the Church needed Volunteers,
so the whole family- ( exept for the dog) Voluntered. Dad's job was cooking the hotdogs, Esther's job was-
managine the food line. Mom and I put the hotdogs onto the person's bun.
It was a good day.
It's now Eva's turn to blog post! see ya!
Abby ca.Ke
                                             Wuff Wuff Its EVA!
 This week I have planned what everyday will kinda be like! Tomorrow you'll get another episode of " Try Something New A Day". On Wednesday me or Abby will do a craft post! On  Thursday it's my post!
On Friday Abby does the post! Don't worry, not every week will be like this.
 Remember the voting for the Barbies? ( Link to that post  Well I don't have to yelp, because I cheked Abby's Email.
She had one email about the voting. So I read it.  I didn't get anything else on her email.  But the Barbie
who had the most chance of going to Disneyland because she got one vote is:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;;;
Jenna! If no one else votes then it's going to be Jenna, but if you still want to vote here is Abby's email. . Its funny that Abby has not found out yet, that I'm using her email.
Licks and Wags ~ Eva


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