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Friday, October 26, 2012

It Snowed!

A couple of days ago I went to the doctor because my allergies have been the worst of all the years,
she gave me medication.  So I had it. The next day I was very sick. Two days past, then Yesterday we cleaned my room because of dust mites. Today I am getting much better. ( That's why the blog pots have been boring, because I'm been so tired and sick).
Today when I looked out the window, I looked at our neighbours roof. There was snow on it!  When I looked out of the kitchen window, there was snow outside. Not THAT deep, but at least the trick or treaters will freeze to death, MWAHAHAH- I mean poor them! ( heh eh hAHAHAH)
Ow, I have to walk Eva in this weather, and I don't have a winter coat. :(    ( that's a sad face).
                                            The little pooh pooh!
                                               This is what happens when Esther goes to work...
                                               ( that is Esther's room, and Eva is on her makeup vanity.

                                                  Looks like someone got a makeover......
                                        ( if you hate it I'm sorry, Gloria wanted a new look, she wanted a change)
                                          This is an old photo, of a dead mouse in the rain.....
                                    ~ Abby ca.K.e ( again sorry that TODAY has nothing to do with Halloween)


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