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Friday, September 21, 2012


* Yawns* In the morning today, I slept in, because at first I woke up at the right time, then I went back to sleep. No, this blog post isn't working!  Tomorrow will be more intresting, because we're going to the musuem of Justion Bebier, YAY! I know, I'm obsessed with Justin Bebier, by now I think you know I'm joking right?
 " Makes lemon  seed muffins, forgets to take a photo becuase they get all eaten" * Day ends*
Today we are going to the museum;;;;;;, and in the evening, we are going to our musical's good-bye party,
it's a talent show, then we eat desserts, and then we have a dance party! I might bring ye old camera to film me and one of my friend's songs, because she  asked if I wanted do to a song with her *AWWWWW* .
I need to find that camera to upload photos! What did you dream about last night?  If some one asked you for your atograph, what would you say? I think I would say, Whhhhyyy? (why) and Okkkkkkk (OK)
                                                 Hi, my new nick name is Pookie,
                                                     Pookie waffle, that's what I have to live with!
                                                   I made ginger bread cookies,
                                                  I think the season Fall missed us, I think its going
                                          right into winter, because I'm already wearing a winter jacket,
                                             We didn't even have to shop for fall!
                                                        And they call me Pookie all of the time!
                                                  I'm making a miniature ginger bread house, that is
                                               about as small as your thumb, but as you can see in the photo,
                                                    You can see the size to my barbie clothing.
                                             To blurr-
                                               Now this is what I'm talking about, when my best friend came to
                                               our musical, she gave me some beautiful flowers!
Some are from one of my mom' s clients.
                                            Mine are hiding, this is a mic of mini and moms,
                                                 Random cupcake.
                                                     Abby .k.


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