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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Its Done, Forever

On Saturday night, we did our last musical show, then some of us went to Boston Pizza, but I didn't buy anything because  Im ' saving money for DISNEYLAND!!! (I'll come to that later, right now I'm trying to sound sad). But if you were at a Boston Pizza Saturday night ( very late, like 11:00 PM - 1:00 AM) and you were eating beside a reserved room with crazy people, then you would have seen us.
I learned you don't have to buy anything, they put juice on the table ( at first we thought it was beer, but it wasn't) for everyone, and someone gave me a piece of there pizza, and someone else gave me a bite of their cake. Next Friday their will be a talent show for everyone in the musical, some of my friends and I
 made up a dance, so I think we'll do it, ( and maybe I'll film it and show it to you)
 But the thing is, Its Done, Gone , FOREVER. ( have I made you cry yet?).
Well now for some exciting news, I can't be that sad, becsuse in early October, WHERE"RE MEETING JUSTIN BEBIER! yayaya- oh no, we are NOT meeting him, we are going to Disneyalnd :)
I know I have already done a post about Disneyland, but you might ask,
 " Why are you saving money, your grand perents are paying for you?"
Well, I need SOME money in Disneyland, like a souvenir, I'm also buying one for my Best Friend, and ITS CALAFORNIA !
I might go to LEGO land, and we might go to L.A
china town, we might go to a craft store. Well this blog post is Done,
ABby ca.K.e


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