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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Try Something New A Day, Episode 2

Before I start I want to say two things, 1. You need to have read This post click on it,  to understand what I'm talking about. 2. This might be your favorite food, and if I don't like it, it doesn't mean it will tase gross for everyone, so I'm not saying this is yucky for everyone, that's just my taste buds.
Now for the post. 

I LOVE rice, and beans, and once we went on this week diet of eating only rice and beans, I still LOVE them. But for supper last night, we had the rice, but it was mushed! And the beans  curried fava beans. The mushed rice looked awful, and I only like SOME foods mushed, and the beans didn't look that good.
But I tried the rice, at first it tasted like mushed cauliflower, but then, it tasted REALLY good, I even went for seconds. Then it was the beans, they tasted OK, but I just wasn't a big fan of it.
For the beans, I didn't go for seconds. I like mushed rice, and I hope to eat it again.
 Abby ca.K.e


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