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Friday, September 14, 2012

I'll Come To this later

*sings* I got a feeling OO that tonight's gonna be a good night ( yeah) tonight's gonna be a good good niiight"* stops singing* . You might be asking WHY? Because a lot of our friends are going to see our show tonight ( Also My BFF, so I need to do the show extra pawesome)
I"M SO EXCITED! * EEK!* Speaking about EKK!, we have mice, and mom said we have Sassy mice.
Eva doesn't care about mice, she's in her own world.
   Have I told you this story yet? ": On the opening night of the show, I could not find my black shorts, and you HAVE to wear black shorts, and I could not find my only pair in my costume bag, We looked around and could not find them. BUT one of my friends' younger sisters had brought an extra pair, and she let me try them on, and they fit. I still have not found my black shorts yet, but my friend's younger sister is letting me wear the extra pair until I find mine. AWW AIN"T THAT SWEET? ( I don't know) . EH.
Abby .k. WAIT I FORGOT I mean Abby ca.K.e 


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