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Thursday, November 1, 2012

I ate to much candy.. NOT..

Ohhh BLEAA, I ate WAY to much candy.... I don't feel bad because I only ate two candies last night!!
( so just to make it clear I don't feel bad). I hope you had a safe night last night, especially if you lived in my neighbourhood.. I got LOTS of candy, but I don't know when I'm going to eat all of it, maybe I'll invite a friend over and get really really hyper......
Here are the photos I REMEMBERED to take, not a lot. At all.
                                                    Here are the cupcakes that my friend and I decorated.

                                                Sorry for the blurryness.
                                                On each cupcake is a Saint,  ( because it is an All Saints day party, there should be cupcakes with Saints)

                                                         I was Ruth at the party, I know I look NOTHING like her, but it's OK. ( I know my eyes look weird, but there was a flash on the camera, that   BLINDS YOUR EYES!
. ~ Abby .k.


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