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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween....... BOO!

Tonight will be a very different night, full of scary goblins,  pretty princesses, and Ghosts.
This is Halloween. ( But I don't have to worry about seeing a scary princess because I'm going to an All Saints Day party!) Because the party is an All Saints day party, I have to dress up as someone from the Bible or a Saint. I'm Ruth from the Bible. ( If I went trick or treating I would have been someone from Lord Of The Rings).
If you are going trick or treating be safe!! Watch out for the Orks..... Naw I'm just kidding you, or am I. * Insert Scary Music*. Here are some photos, that didn't turn out.... * Photos of who I dressed up of will be out Tomorrow . 
 What are you being for Halloween? Are you being Hulk? A Nun? A tent? A Rockstar? A storm Troopor? Princess lai? A Spy? Or are you being a horrible monster, but really you arn't dressed up as one, YOU ARE ONE! * Insert scary music*.
                                                    Raw meat! SCARY!!!
                                               Beans, but they have Orange peels in them! AH!
                                                Something is bubbling......
                                                    A dog who is cute!
                                            What is she eating? Something else scary, I HAVE A MATH test today!!!!
                                   Dying, or already dead, Abby.. .k. xox


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