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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The snow Lefted me.

Almost all of the snow melted. WAAA! We didn't really do a LOT on the weekend.
I got to watch the fairy movie " Secret Of The Wings" on Sauterday.
Eva, take it from here.
~ bord Abby ca.K.e
Wuff Wuff its Eva! Sorry I've not had my paw on the blog lately. I haven't been busy. I miss eating the snow. I'm not saying it is safe for a human to eat snow! No no no!  I'm just saying DOGS can eat snow.
And cats. ( dogs can eat cat-  joking wuff wuff).
Abby was telling me about Saving Money she said that
if I ever get some money to save it. Abby is saving money for three things :
1. Tithe to God.
2. Buy " The Hobbit" when it comes out.
3. Christmas money for Esther.
I have to go bark at cats,
Licks and Wags Eva.

                                                 This is me showing you some clay stuff I've made.
Another episode of " Justin's cooking show" ( Today he makes hot chocolate)
 ~ Along Came A Dog Crew~


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