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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Show Week!

I think you know this was coming right? NO?! WHAT! Well then I caught you off gaurd. HEHEHE
All summer long I have been practising for a musical called " Willy Wonka" ( based on the book " Charlie and the Chocolate factory".) Who do I  play? I am a towns person, an Oompa- Loompa ( who has a solo with one of my close musical friends) , I am a gumball machene, a squirrel, I think that"s it!
Esther is also in the muscial, but she is playing one of the stars : M.s Teavee. Today show week begins, the week that we have been practasing for ALL summer, I have  only missed ONE practice, because my best friend was being Baptised and I just HAD to go, ( I think that"s WAY more importened that musical).
 Show week is that week we put on the show for people. My best friend is going to see the show, same with other friends and people that we know. What do you do when you're not on stage? Change my clothes for the next scene,run around, lots of stuff.
 I don't know what else to say, but today (tonight)( Sept,11) is Silver Collection, so that means that the show is free, but it would be nice if you dropped a penny or two. ( OR ALL OF YOU"RE PLAYMOBIL MWAHAHAHA_)
I didn't say that, that was a typo. But the thing is, on Sunday it was tech run. that means we have all of the mikessand lights, and stuff like that. BUT we only have the poops and backgrounds sets and the mikes, no lights, so I hope nothing goes wrong tonight.
What musical do you want them to do next year? PeterPan, and if they did that one, I would NEED to be  Tinkerbell. Or : The Sound of Music ( any part  would do). You must be sleeping by now, EVA IS CUTE.
Abby .k.


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