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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Photos and cupcakes * Yawns*

Wuff Wuff its EVA! Yesterday Abbby made a single serving cupcake ( that means the recipe makes it only for one person) but, she did not make a big cupcake, she took the batter and made mini cupcakes. After they came out of the oven, in about less then 5 minutes, Abby ate them all.
We'll talk about that later. Sorry I kinda left you, for a while, because school is starting, I'm going to try to get this blog more interesting! I'll try to FORCE Abby to take photos, MHAHAHAHAH, wait, you didn't hear that um - I'll try to FORCE Abby to take photos, MHAHAHAHAH, there.
                                                       She did the flash!
                                            " Alright take a photo of me here"
                                            " Now take one when I'm licking my tough"
                                          What's down there?
                                                     Abby took out the frisbe, this is a dog frisbe,
                                                 It won't hurt my teeth, its a type of rubber (I think)
                                                    So I can flex it more.

                                                       I'm carrying it.
                                                   "AM I DONE YET?" Nope.
                                                     Licks and wags, Eva.
                                              Don't I look sooooo good? Don't you just want to take a bite into me?
                                               MMMMMMMM!, Eva is letting me do a mini post thiny.
                                                    There was only one great cupcake recipe, it was chocolate, but I don't have that recipe, so I found this one, that is the SECOND best cupcake I have found.
                                                           I found this resipe on a blog, and I'm not allowed to copy it, so I'll give you the link, and tell you what I did differently. BUT first here's the recipe.
Here's a link to all of the Cupcake resipes :
Here's the link to the one I used.

I am not a big fan of apple sauce, but I LOVE apples, so instead of putting the " 1 TBP of apple sauce, I but one table spoon of Celeb margarine, I think any margarine or butter would do, My cupake is pink because the sprinkles desolved into the batter. HEHEE
Abby ca.K.e ( I think I'm going to start doing that)


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