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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Crafty Wednesday: Photo shoot!

 For a contest  I'm entering I needed to do a Littlest Pet Shop photo shoot with Daisy!!! The theme was spring, so I went with Carnival games. In Canada, the only times amusement parks are open are in spring and summer. That's why Daisy is playing a carnival game. You can only play them in Summer. So yesterday I went outside and did a photo shoot. I took about 17 pictures, and had to chose less than five. I chose three photos, I'm only going to show you one. It's not finished yet, I need to finish editing the photo and put works on it, then it will be done. I'm going to show you the difference of an edited photo and just a normal photo.

This is a photo that has been edited. I use a editing system to make everything look more colorful and bright.

You might be thinking " Wait this photo doesn't have that hippo in the background!". Yes I know that, this was a photo that was without the hippo in the background because I was seeing what looked better. This is what the photo would look like if it wasn't edited, everything looks a little grey right? 
What do you like better? The edited photo or non edited photo? ~ Abby ca.K.e 


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