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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy Canada Day!!!

This post won't be a " About the weekend" post, because this is a long weekend, I will do that post tomorrow. Happy Canada day!!! What are you going to do today? Or What did you do today? Are you going to see the fire crackers? After Disneyland, I don't ever want to see any other fireworks. The fireworks  at Disneyland were AMAZING!! I am doing this post in the morning, and we still MIGHT see fireworks, but I don't really want to. In the afternoon one of my friends and her family and my family are going to go somewhere for a BBQ! But, not all my family are going. Esther won't be going. WHY? Because, she is at a camp being a cook for two weeks. She phoned up today, after being there for three days, and she only had three bars on her phone! When I tried to talk to her, I had to hang up because I couldn't hear her. And I never got to finish talking to her. :( She said there  is lots of bugs, and her cabin door doesn't close all the way so there is lots of mosquitoes, and that bugs get in her clothes. She is on a Island, so she can't escape!!! Eva REALLY misses her, it is so sad. We all miss her too. The house is so quite without her! The only half good thing about Esther being good is.. 1. No one is singing in my ear. 2. I can steal all her clothes. ~ Abby ca.K.e


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