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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Meet Daisy!

Today Daisy will be telling you more about her! Enjoy.

My name is Daisy. Why am I in the town where Abby's other littlest pet shops live? My manager Sage knew there was many people who hadn't seen a show in a long time. Sage is getting a lot of business here, but he knows I don't like staying in one place for a long time. So he lets me go on an airplane and sing at other places. Besides singing and acting, I like to hang out with the only people I know, Si, Sage and Crystal.
Gender : Girl
 Stage Name : Daisy Diamond ( I can't tell you my real last name for personal reasons) 
Age :  36 ( WOW, I am OLD compared to most of the other Littlest Pet Shops!)
City you live in: never stay in one place for long, I'm always moving to city to city singing and dancing.
school :  School was a LONG time ago for me, it depends what school you want to know the name of, do you want to know my Kindergarten name of school, my elementary, High school, or College!!???? 
Best friend :  Si 
Band that I am in : I'm not in a band, I am a soloist who sometimes does duets with people
sport that I am in :  I try to run with Si when he is practicing, but he's too fast.
favorite movie : Don't have one
One thing about me
: I'm not just a singer, I'm also an actress.


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