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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Welome our special Guest..

Remember yesterdays post? And that bear named bearry? ( not beary neither berry BEARRY)
Well sadly half of his head got eatten today. But the half of the head he still has, is the one with a mouth.
Here is our special guest::::::::::
                                              I was made out of " Fail bread dough". WAAA!
 Name : Bearry Boo
Age :  Three days old.
City :  " The Kitchen"
school : I'm only three, and I will be eaten before I go to school. WAAA!
 Best friend :  I have no friends.
Band That I am In : None.
Sport that I am In :
  Being in an oven and not burning.

favorite movie : I can't watch movies, because someone will see me and eat my chocolate chip eyes off!One thing about me :  If someone eats my heart, I can still live because Abby added that heart AFTER I was baked.
 Favorite food :  I AM food, I'm not cannibal, ( But I do like sugar)
I have to go cry now, ~ Bearry 


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