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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A guest.....

Today we will have a special guest, Amanda! She is a sea horse.
I think she can take it from here...
~ Abby .k.
                                                     This is what I look like, I apologize  for the photo being so blurry,
                                                    the color of my skin does that.
                                                      Gender : Girl
 Name : Amanda ( I can't say my last name because I am Royal)
Age : 12
City : I don't live in a City, I live underwater.
school : Mermaid school.

 Best friend :  The queen (I can't say her name because there might be a spy reading this)
Band That I am In : None.
Sport that I am In :  Water ballet.

favorite movie : Anything Tinkerbell. Or Mermaid.
One thing about me : My brother is a prince, and I am his servant, so I get to go to all of the fancy balls and

I get to go on land for other meetings!
Favorite food: Almost anything chocolate.
 I have to go get a starfish for the prince, so BYE!


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