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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to make a- I'm stalling

                                                      My name is Bearry, please don't eat me.
                                                     I have a heart, and you wouldn't like me.
                                                      I have chocolate eyes, please don't pick those off,
                                                  If you eat me, you have to eat me all. Please don't torture me.
                                                  * Abby comes into the room and takes a chocolate chip eye off bearry,
                                                      then she eats one of bearry's legs*. "Ouch" Says Bearry.
.                                  Me on a snowing adventure with Esther and Eva. ( the adventure included me having to take off my winter coat and giving it to Eva, and Esther carrying Eva the whole way)
Oh yeah, I have to do a crafty post. That might not happen. Tomorrow I will TRY to think up of a craft.
. ~ Abby .k.


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