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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How To make a Mini Ring!

                                                                Can you see the ring on her tail? I'm going to show you how to make one!!
What you will need:
 Gold colour Modeling clay ( I used yellow playdough and then painted it gold)
The toy you want the ring for.
Optional: Gold paint
                                                   First take your clay, and roll it into a ball.
                                           Then start rolling it into a long snake.
                                                   Put your finger on the " Snake" To make it flat.
                                                  Wrap the " Flat Snake" around your toy's paw/hand

                                                 Here is another photo showing the wrapping around the paw.
                                                  Then rip off the excess clay, and close the gap.

                                                Then you can take your nail/ toothpick to make indents on the ring,
                                                ( to make a cool effect, but you don't have to do it)
Then SLOWLY take the ring off.
Make sure you can put the ring back onto the paw. Then let it dry, or cook it if it is that type of clay.
If you where using yellow clay, when it dries just paint it gold!
And you're done!
~ Abby .k.


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